Project Description

Main Floor Renovation – Owen Sound

When the clients first came to me about the renovation they said “We’ve been wanting to renovate the main floor for over 5 years and I think we’re finally ready now.”

At first we were going to take a non-structural wall out and enlarge a few door openings, but then things changed. We decided to move the kitchen into a new location and open up the whole main floor. This meant doing structural work in the basement to support our new 18’ steel beam on the main floor. Window sizes changed and doors were replaced. Hardwood was installed, vent locations were moved, drywall was replaced and concrete sills & bricks were added/removed.

The clients both wanted to help out as much as possible, from the demolition they took on themselves to the last piece of trim installed, they were there every step of the way.

First Line Framing was privileged to have worked alongside such great clients. We look forward to many more great clients like the Boley’s!